Collection: terra incognita - HAMISH OAKLEY-BROWNE

8 April – 7 May 2022

Terra incognita is the Latin term used by early cartographers to describe territories that had yet to be mapped or documented. They often labeled these areas with a caution: Here Be Dragons.  Nowadays the term common usage is as a metaphor to describe an unexplored subject or field of research. Our dream states are such a field of research. They arean environment where the normal rules of the game are suspended. Their underexplored terrains are part of our reality, they are both contextually mysterious and distinct from ordinary life, by their locality, duration,attention, and agency. Dream landscapes, and the archetypal characters that inhabit them are both a repository of collective meaning and a pathway of inner exploration. Dreams are a place where images and symbols are attempting to explain themselves. 

Take seriously every unknown wanderer who personally inhabits your inner world because theyare real
C.G. Jung, The Red Book 

*These prints are created using a combination of monotype, serigraphy, woodcut and lithography printmaking techniques on Arches BFK Rives and Hahnemuhle fine art paper.