• Faye MacFarlane

    Faye MacFarlane is a multi disciplinary artist of Niuean decent, currently residing in Northland, New Zealand. Her creative journey began in her early teens through her deep involvement with Pacific dance, which later led to tutoring, designing and costume making. In 2019, MacFarlance decided it was time to pursue her life long dream of becoming a full-time artist and signed up for an art degree, successfully graduating in 2022 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts (visual) from North Tec in Whāngarei.

    Throughout her studies, MacFarlane worked experimentally across a wide range of mediums and processes including ceramics, photography, installations and printmaking.  The visual content of her work often alludes to the concepts of liminality and ambiguity, with a strong focus on the uncertainties of cultural identity and the natural environment. MacFarlane works intuitively, combining explorative mark making with textures, shapes and unworldly forms to create unique works.