• Rosy & Rich

    Whangarei based Rosie Parsonson & Richard Darbyshire are a collaborative fusion in every sense. Established thirteen years ago, Rosy & Rich successfully combine their specific skills in ceramics, painting, printmaking and sculpture, with their world views and mutual admiration for one another. Traditional Western art fascination of classic themes and beauty meets Wabi Sabi, is just one example of how this pair mix philosophy and technique. The practiced, engraved lines and infused colour composed by the hand and mind of Rosie Parsonson, sit over and around the archetypal vessels and forms thrown, sculpted and fired by Richard Darbyshire. Surface and form, past and present, art and craft meet extreme heat to melt into abundant, generously adorned vessels. This body of work explores enduring themes of the human condition with the very same medium that has preserved epic sagas of humanity through the ages, whilst maintaining a unique and contemporary view that is distinctively Rosy & Rich.

    *Image Credit: Kenneth Adams