Collection: Stitched AF - EMMA GAMBLE

With her finger on the pulse of pop culture and a talented hand with needle and thread, Emma Gamble a.k.a Moss_Stitch deftly uses ‘thread like paint‘ to create memorable textile works inspired by everyday life. Emma’s first solo exhibition, Stitched AF, features a collection of works that cleverly combine the domestic craft of embroidery – originally taught to young ladies, with common place expletives used to describe a variety of human reactions. These embellished, text based works are full of humour, colour and texture, balancing beauty and profanity all within the safety of an embroidery hoop.

Taught to stitch as a child by her Mother back in Wales, Emma has been on this fibre journey for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until our 2020 Covid Lockdown that the concept of applying her needlework skills to express her thoughts really took shape. In between tending to a very busy household, she immersed herself in the therapeutic process of stitching and the words just flowed. Eager to have a conversation about this whilst bailed up at home, she floated it to her @Moss_Stitch followers and not surprisingly the feedback was all positive. Frequent message still arrive to this day on what Emma must stitch next! Connecting with her audience and listening to their ideas and experiences has become an integral part of Emma’s art practice which she thoroughly enjoys. She loves the conversations and thrives on the humour that surrounds her work.