• Cathy Tuato-Ross & Ellen Smith

    In a world full of stuff, it can be hard to distinguish between what matters and what doesn’t.  Making decisions about what to keep (or not), and what has value (or doesn’t), is troubling. Not all belongings that are kept “spark joy”. Many things are stored or displayed that may not be treasured. They could have become clutter, may cause anxiety, or feel like a burden or responsibility. Perhaps time or transfer of ownership has caused the objects to become separated from their stories. In this collaborative exhibition Ellie Smith and Cathy Tuato’o Ross have been curious about the shifting relationships between objects and meanings, and bring some possible solutions to the problems of accumulation, excess or inheritance to the gallery. Learning from photography, in which three dimensions are reduced to two, Smith and Tuato’o Ross experiment with reducing volume, through compressing, flattening and even cremating.